Safety Record

With this fundamental approach in mind, Vistabution developed its “ZERO Injury” program to uphold safe and healthy working conditions.  Demonstrating our commitment to this high standard is as follows:

  • 100% safety record
  • 100% of our work sites are performing at the ZERO Incident Level
  • 100% of our work sites are performing at the ZERO Injury Level
  • 1.0 EMR Incident Rate for the past 10 years

The success of Vistabution’s safety record can be attributed to every employee and sub-contractor’s commitment to personal and project safety. At Vistabution, safety is a collective effort, resulting in NO legal judgments, liens, fines, violations or law suits associated with project performance or professional liability by the Federal or State Government.

Vistabution is a forerunner within the industry because of our uncompromising allegiance to the health and safety of our employees and neighborhoods we work by complying with environmental regulations.  We are constantly implementing and reviewing work practices to ensure all risk factors are minimized.

Safety is a paramount responsibility for everyone working at Vistabution, regardless of position or job classification.  Every employee is expected to embrace and follow all safety procedures.  To that end, safety expectations are communicated to each employee during new-hire orientations and are reinforced through safety programs, training sessions and regular safety meetings. Health and safety must be treated in the same professional manner as production, quality, marketing, cost control or any other business fundamental. All personnel working with Hazardous Materials are accredited by the HHCU and have completed a minimum 40 hours of EPA AHERA/OSHA required hazardous waste operations training.


Safety Principals

It takes all of us to be engaged in safety for every task, every day. Our employees follow the Vistabution Safety Principles and 10 Commandments:

Personal Accountability

  • Be responsible for your own safety.
  • Know and follow safety rules and standards at all times – even when no one is watching.
  • Participate actively in safety improvement efforts.
    Be fit for duty and capable to perform the task at hand.

Safety Audits

Safety Audits are held periodically at each project site to evaluate Vistabution’s health and safety performance. We are always searching for improvement.


All Vistabution personnel working with Hazardous Material have completed at least 40 hours of OSHA required hazardous waste operations training. Initial training includes a combination of formal classroom training and practical exercises.

Compliance with Codes & Regulations

Remedial and demolitions operations are kept in strict accordance with OSHA and other applicable health and safety standards with a site health and safety plan being developed and approved for each project prior to mobilization.

Active Caring

  • Observe, stop and coach co-workers who are not in compliance or exhibit at-risk behaviors.
  • Take action to assure the safety of others and be willing to accept advice
    Immediately report incidents and near misses of all types including minor injuries and first aid cases.

Hazard Recognition

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Take time to actively seek out and mitigate haz

Insurance & Bonding

Vistabution maintains insurance coverage, including but not limited to comerrical general liability, pollution, liability, automobile liability, workers compensation, employment liability, environmental liability and umbrella coverage.

When providing bonding and insurance to our clients, these requirements are above and beyond the industry standards. All such insurance is compliant with the laws of the State of North Carolina and has been obtained from companies authorized to provide such coverage and authorized by the Commisioner of Insurance to do business in North Carolina.

All insurance is written on a true occurence basis with no sunset caluses, unless specifically denoted.